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Arncliffe Wild Camp

Arncliffe Wild Camp

One question I get asked regularly is “are you scared?”

Not at all. I am safer hidden away on a mountain top than out in Leeds on a Saturday night. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wonder what certain noises were in the middle of the night, and the random plastic bag flapping in the wind confused me for a while.

This trip however was cause for concern in a different way.

Whilst getting to my planned spot I soon realised it was next to some very large and big horned cows with their newborn. They didn’t like me and I can’t say I was that arsed about them either.

A game of cat and mouse ensued and whilst I would take a pretty athletic cow to reach my final destination, it played on my mind most of the evening.

Tarp and bivy was the order of the day and worked out well. Played with a few configurations (never quite got it right) throughout it evening. Perfect.

Key Kit Taken:
DD Tarp 3×3
Army Gortex Bivy
Ageismax Down Sleeping Bag
Alpkit Numo Sleeping Pad

Car Parked
Arncliffe Village

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