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Buckden Wild Camp

Buckden Wild Camp

Bit of strange one this. This camp came about after a long Sunday walk whereby I came across a tarn on top of a hill – Birks Tarn to be exact.

I’d always fancied the idea of camping round a mountain tarn under the moonlight. One week later I was flying through the Yorkshire Dales to get up on top. This was to be one of the most eventful learning processes I’ve been through.

I mention on my Wild Camping page that its important to know how long it will take to get to your destination. Consider the weather and that the load on your back will slow you down.

And so it was to prove that the weather and length of time it took to get to the tarn ensured this trip was doomed. The rain started the moment I locked the car and I didn’t remember the climb being so steep.

This was in the early days of my camping adventures so I was carrying a lot of unnecessary and poor kit. This was to be a tarp camp and the conditions not ideal. It was pitch dark  (no moonlight) when I found my way to the tarn, the ground was now soaking and I had a tarp to put up to resemble some sort of shelter.

Under the circumstances I didn’t do badly. Didn’t sleep a wink but learnt some valuable lessons. I’ll be back to Birks Tarn sometime – I actually went back on a walk a couple of months later to find my titanium mug I lost!

Key Kit Used DD Tarp 3×3
Parking Buckden village car park (BD23 5JA) – Overnight parking allowed

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