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Grassington Wild Camp

Grassington Wild Camp

This was my first ever wild camp. If you’ve never experienced wild camping before this was a perfect mix of fear and excitement.

I’d chosen this location as I knew Grassington well. This camp was slightly North on Grassington Moor. This site was chosen after watching one of my favourite channels on YouTube. It involved a number of landmarks so I knew I’d recognise the spot.

After sampling a couple of village pints in what is now a tradition, I set off. Lesson 1 – ensure you set off in plenty of time and calculate approximately how long it will take. Arriving later than planned and daylight fading fast I chose my spot.

Fairly hidden but flat and near a water source (a pond with very discoloured water from the mining in the area). I loved it. Not really knowing what to do with myself I cooked, read, and generally just fannied about. Time really goes quickly when camping.

My peace was shattered when a farmer kept going backwards and forwards on his quad. Had he seen me? What would happen to me? All these bad thoughts raced through my mind. I didn’t move a muscle and my lights were turned out. Needless to say nothing happened but to this day, I prefer to limit my chances of bumping into anyone.

It rained all night which I loved. Unfortunately it also rained on the long walk back. I didn’t mind, I’d completed my first wild camp. That was the start of the adventures.

Key kit used Vango Banshee 200 (first trip out)

Karrimor Bobcat 65 litre rucksack (still going strong but semi retired).

Parking Grassington Village

I want to mention Gareth & Zoe Wildcamping who really set me on my way. This particular trip was inspired by them. Look up their website and YouTube channel.

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