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Kit List


ProForce 44 litre (1450g -Pouch 200g)
My new go to pack. Like a little tardis.

Comfy and very durable. Apparently used by the military so it’s a slid piece of kit. I’ve had this in all weathers and its water repellent to a point although I have a rain cover just in case.

From Autumn onwards I’ve added a small water pouch/pocket which connects via the molle straps. This leaves me with more room in the main bag for extra items I may need in the colder months.

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Banshee 200 (2140g)
Probably the first name that springs to mind when looking for a small, robust, light(ish), value tent.

It’s bloody brilliant. I’ve had mine in snow, rain, and the wind from hell. It stood up to the lot.

Downsides are you can’t completely sit up in it which isn’t a big issue for me.

Others to look at are the Zephyros 1/2 or the Lanshan 1 – no experience but look decent.

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DD tarp 3×3 metre (790g)
For my ‘go light’ trips. Probably the best known brand for tarps. Big enough to make all sorts of shelters.

Lots of tie points make this a really versatile option. Also comes in other sizes.


British Army Bivy (800g)
Bombproof. Tried, tested, and will outlive you. It’s also very roomy giving you the option to put your backpack in the bottom.

These can come in all sorts of graded condition from unused to ‘seen better days’. Normally around the £30 mark.


SnugPak Travelpak 2 (1100g)
SnugPak are a rare breed of British manufacturing with a great history.

Tested in cold conditions, this bag is highly recommended. Packs down small which is a bonus.
The built in bug net is a nice feature and would be great for hammock users.


AegisMax Ultralight Goose Down (529g)
This bag when compressed is tiny! However when it’s out of the bag fluffs up nicely. It’s well made with no down being lost.
Add some thermal clothing and maybe a liner and you’ll be able to use this at lower temps than advertised.

Available on Amazon and AliExpress.


Snugpak Jungle Blanket (700g)
Bought to complement my sleeping bag in the winter. Packs down small, feels nice, and makes a huge difference.


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Alpkit Numo (400g)
This is my one and only sleeping pad. Packs small and is incredibly comfy. For a balanced opinion I’d say there are warmer mats out there but they come at a huge premium. I use this alongside a silver sheet to reflect the heat (like the ones that are on car windscreens) Can’t say I’ve ever been cold. Good value too at under £40.
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Stove (120g)
Tiny. Bought from AliExpress for about a £5. I’ve had this for a couple of years now and its great.

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Very similar to Alpkit Kraku

Alpkit MytiPot 900 (120g inc lid)
I’ve gone through loads of pots, pans, plates, etc and settled on this one. Admittedly I’ve jumped on the titanium bandwagon but this is very light and a nice size for a decent meal and to use for drinks.