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Malham Wild Camping

Malham Wild Camping

An absolute favourite of mine. If I ever go missing then start looking here.

Before I start this post, let me tell you you a story. Every so often (quite alot actually) when I tell someone I like wildcamping I get that puzzled look of “you sleep outside like a homeless person” or “Why would you do that”.

Wild camping is more popular than you think. Picture the scene….I am in the village pub having my pre camp pint. I am keeping low key as I don’t want anyone knowing what I am up to, not least the locals. Malham apparently has countryside wardens – I’ve never seen one but never the less – and I don’t want to meet one.

I finish my drink, open my car to get my rucksack out and its as if I am the first one to make a move. 50% of the pub are wild camping. I’ve simply shown my hand first.

Malham is an area of outstanding beauty (as is most of the Yorkshire Dales). You don’t have to walk far to your site.

One of my favourite spots is on one of the nearby fells. It offers fantastic 360 degrees over Malham Tarn, the 3 Peaks, Skipton, etc. So good in fact its currently the main picture for this site.

Stunning is the word you are looking for. My favourite spot.

Having been here a few times (my ‘go to’ pitch) I’ve had to adjust accordingly. Its on a big hill. In summer – when the above picture was taken – I’ve been lucky enough to have no wind. On my last visit it was blowing a gale. Remember the conditions down below do not reflect the condition up above.

No water source so liquid has to be taken.

Key Kit Taken

ProForce 44L Rucksack
Aegismax Down Sleeping Bag
Banshee 200

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